The Best Way to Study – Tips to Make the Grades and Pass the Class

If you are looking for the best way to study so you can make good grades, make your family happy and most importantly pass next Friday’s test, hopefully I will be able to get you heading in the right direction. Getting good grades and even making A’s is possible without studying taking over and ruining your life, but there are few things that you need to do so you won’t have to study so hard.

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Tip #1

The best way to study is to study without distractions. Easier said than done, I know, but distractions keep you from retaining information and that means you will have to study longer. So turn off the TV, kick out your little brother or significant other and concentrate on what you are doing. I find that playing some of my favorite music, on low of course, puts me in a good mood and gets my mind ready for studying.

Tip #2

The best way to study is to study on a schedule. Try to set aside the same time of day to study and don’t wait until midnight to get started. We all have busy schedules and squeezing in study time just doesn’t seem to fit into it, does it? Studying while you are sleepy and tired just doesn’t work.

Try to set a specific amount of time to study for each subject. Don’t over-do it. Cramming the night before a test may pay off this time, but don’t count on it to get you out of a jam every time.

Studying can get in the way of having fun and spending time with friends, but it is a necessary evil if you are going to pass your classes. So how can you study less and still make good grades with-out becoming a book-worm?

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