Logistics Software

Logistics software is a computer program which is used to make the process of logistics services more reliable and accurate. Logistics management is a science of planning, organizing, and executing activities for delivering the required goods or services in the right location at the right time. Modern technologies, communication links, and control systems are essential to manage materials, services, and financial goals. Logistics software helps companies or organizations in their overall performances of designing, developing, marketing, and financing.

ongkir Solo Malang

This software ensures a consistency in the management and automation of a variety of activities in the logistics management. This also helps for precise event management, planning, transactions, and global trading. Data collection and evaluation of raw materials stored, finished goods, and other information about the supply chain can be accessed easily by using the logistics software. Perfection and pace of the operational processes are maintained to increase the performances of the companies or organisations as a whole.

Logistics software helps to retain a sequential order in the transportation of cargos. It gives all details about traffic routes and modes of transportation to satisfy customer requirements at a lower expense. This software also enables a customer to track and trace the status of an ordered product during transportation. Logistics software in distribution management aids in warehousing infrastructure, goods movement, quality assurance, and product labelling. Freight billing, payment, and auditing are made quicker and reliable with the introduction of this software. Other areas in which logistics software find its application are financial services, sales, marketing, human resource management, performance evaluation, order processing, and customer support.

Logistics software proves to be efficient in network planning, asset analysis, and inventory simulations for successful logistics management. It gives an up-to-date detail about the whole business process for the evaluation of progress in performance. It controls and manages industrial processes such as automation, manufacturing, management, and other operational procedures. Integration of computers to run the software, application selection, and maintenance are necessary to get a required result. Logistics softwares are designed, developed and supported by software developing companies according to the requirements of the logistics management of that company. Promptness, reliability, analytical ability, and defined planning outlook are some of the great concerns while designing logistics software.


Wild Jack Casino – Known for Online Blackjack Plus 300 More Casino Games

Launched in 1999, Wild Jack Casino carries with it an air of class and sophistication that could only be expected from a site that belongs to the prestigious Jackpot Factory Group. Wild Jack Casino, working off the Microgaming platform, focuses on card and table games, although it has a good offering of other favorite casino games as well. The site carries the industry watchdog group, eCOGRA’s ‘Play it Safe’ seal and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. To ensure a top level of fairness, Wild Jack Casino has its percentage payouts regularly reviewed by independent auditors.  먹튀검증

The industry-leading Microgaming Viper software allows Wild Jack Casino to offer its players a realistic and certainly one of the most graphically rich gambling experiences on the internet. Players can choose to download over 300 games from Microgaming’s full suite, or select the instant-play Flash version that offers around 130 games. As can be expected from Microgaming, the software is fully featured and top of the range.

Game Selection
As mentioned, players can choose from a rich selection of games that numbers over 300 in total. While the site is best known for its excellent blackjack variants and other card and table games, its slots casino is far from being conventional, and there is truly something for everyone – at whichever level – at Wild Jack Casino.

Card and table games on offer include:

* Blackjack: Classic blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack and Multi hand blackjack
* Baccarat, craps, three card poker, sic bo
* Roulette: American roulette, European roulette and French roulette

The slots collection at Wild Jack Casino includes:

* Classic Slot Machines: 3 and 5 reel
* Bonus online slots
* Progressive jackpot slot machines such as Fruit Fiesta, King Cashalot and Major Millions.

Other games on offer include:

* Specialty games such as Keno and scratch cards
* Video Poker: Forty different variants available

Bonuses and Promotions
Wild Jack offers generous promotions, both to newcomers and seasoned players on its site. New players can enjoy a 100-credit bonus with their first deposit, while return players will benefit from a 10% cash-back on deposits (up to 250 credits) each month. All this translates into 3000 credits each year! In addition, Wild Jack Casino runs a lucrative loyalty program that rewards players with Player Points each time they partake in a real-money game.

Particularly loyal players will love Wild Jack’s VIP Lounge, run by the Jackpot Factory Group. Members of this lounge enjoy exclusive games and promotions and major pampering!

Money Matters
Wild Jack Casino takes all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and convenient banking environment for all players. For one, security is a main priority at this site, and the latest technology is used to ensure the financial and personal privacy of players. Secondly, Wild Jack offers a wide range of banking options to make deposits and withdrawals hassle-free at the site. Players can choose to pay using most major credit cards, electronic means or direct bank transfer, to name just a few.

Wild Jack Casino also uses the innovative ClearPlay Bonus System, an easy-to-use account management system that provides a host of benefits for players. These include a standard set of playthrough requirements for all bonuses on the site, bonus credits transferred in real time and other features to make playing with bonuses as easy as pie


The World’s Gambling Industry – From Land Casinos to Online Casinos

The online gambling club industry has become quickly through the span of the most recent ten years. While toward the finish of the twentieth century there were just a few dozen online club accessible to speculators, in the course of the most recent ten years their numbers have developed exponentially and today players have a decision of over a thousand online gambling clubs.

Land-based club, particularly in the US, have consistently advanced themselves as thrilling spots where men, and later on additionally ladies, can bet and make some great memories and on the off chance that they bet 카지노사이트 enough their lodgings will be comped by the gambling club to urge hot shots to come and bet at their foundation.

In Las Vegas, Nevada the club have acknowledged, not long after their foundation that in the event that they need to pull in the men to bet they have to give diversion to ladies. Free beverages were offered to the women sitting tight for their spouses or darlings who were at the tables playing.

At the point when space machines were presented the game mostly drew exhausted ladies who had nothing better to do in the gambling club. The gambling club proprietors have immediately distinguished an extra wellspring of salary and began vigorously elevating the game to ladies.

During the late twentieth century Las Vegas got patched up from a mobsters-run town and turned increasingly corporate. Colossal club were manufactured and offered non-betting related amusement to pull in traveling families and furthermore began facilitating huge shows which turned Las Vegas to the show capital of the US.

The travel industry thrived, yet benefits from betting have gradually begun declining and puts like Macau have begun contending with Las Vegas as the city whose benefits most from betting.

The presentation of online gambling clubs in the late 90’s have filled in as another hit to spots, for example, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo. Abruptly individuals were given the alternative of betting from the solace of their own homes with a tick of a catch.

Anyway in those years not every person had a PC and the individuals who did needed to surf the web utilizing dial-up associations which were moderate and inconsistent. This end up being an issue and by and large we can see that these two variables caused a postponement in the eruption of online club.

Through the span of a couple of brief years an ever increasing number of individuals have accessed PCs, as large scale manufacturing of PC have made costs decay, this compared with immense enhancements in web associations and the expansion of web surfing speed.

Now it turned out to be a lot simpler for the regular person to possess a PC and surf the net at a sensible speed. When this was conceivable online club couldn’t be halted. It got simpler and snappier to download and introduce gambling club programming, and later on with the improvement of Flash innovation numerous club could offer players to play their preferred club games legitimately from their internet browsers without the need to download any substantial programming on to their PCs.

The fast development in the gaming business of programming suppliers and betting brands has made an invited challenge between the organizations and have constrained online gambling club to adopt an alternate strategy from land-based gambling clubs to advertising and advancement.

Online club were not ready to offer their supporters free beverages and lodgings thusly they needed to think of different methods for advancement so as to pull in players. This flagged the introduction of online gambling club rewards and merchandize advancements.

Online gambling club have begun rivaling land-based club and other online club by offering free money rewards to new players going along with them. They have likewise built up players’ prizes programs that granted top players with costly marked merchandize.


Adakah Taruhan Togel Vipbet88 yang Dilengkapi Pasaran Terlengkap?


Indonesia pasti sering mendengar perjudian togel, namun apakah situs Vipbet88 resmi menawarkannya juga? Bandar tersebut merupakan rekomendasi banyak petaruh profesional dan berpengalaman. Mereka mengungkapkan jika perantaranya memang berkualitas termasuk dalam hal menyediakan kebutuhan taruhan membership seperti games variatif. Tidak hanya memberlakukan casino live melainkan permainan jadul bersifat tradisional seperti togel.

Togel sendiri sangatlah populer di Indonesia bahkan para pengamat sejarah judi yakin asalnya dari sini. Andapun sudah mengenal sistem toto gelap sejak beberapa tahun silam bukan? Bahkan ayah, ibu, kakek, nenek hingga moyang kita zaman penjajahan Belanda sudah terlebih dahulu mengenal perjudian unik tersebut sebagai hiburan sehari-hari.

Selain menyenangkan, toto gelap dianggap sebagai taruhan menguntungkan dengan hadiah jutaan rupiah. Dahulu semasa Orde Baru, togel dijadikan media taruhan di casino Jakarta serta mendapatkan legalitas pemerintah. Masyarakat berbondong-bondong mengambil kesempatan menjadi pemenang dengan modal kecil kemudian menghasilkan profit berkali-kali lipat.

Apa Sih Untungnya Memainkan Togel Online?

Dibandingkan dahulu, perjudian toto gelap resmi sangatlah menguntungkan. Bukan karena uangnya bernilai lebih tinggi melainkan berbagai fasilitas pelayanan terbaik yang ditawarkan. Bettor mengakui betapa beruntungnya mereka bertaruh melalui perantara terpercaya kemudian konsisten mengumpulkan bonus-bonus tambahan seperti rollingan dan cash back. Adapun keuntungan togel online lainnya yaitu:

  1. Togel adalah perjudian tanpa lawan bermain sehingga bettor tidak merasa tertekan. Selama taruhan berlangsung, mereka fokus dengan kemenangannya sendiri tanpa khawatir dikalahkan bettor lain. Prediksi angka menjadi patokan dasar sehingga Anda harus mencari tebakan atau analisa paling akurat supaya angkanya keluar.


  1. Togel online juga mempunyai ragam permainan menarik diantaranya shio. Anda menebak keluarnya angka berdasarkan urutan shio khas Tionghoa seperti naga, kambing, ular, monyet, dsb. Setiap simbol binatang suci tersebut mempunyai urutan angka tersendiri untuk dijadikan patokan prediksi.


  1. Togel juga berhadiah besar sama halnya dengan berbagai permainan casino. Tidak berlaku Jackpot sebagaimana Poker tetapi bandar tetap memberikan cash back hingga turn over secara rutin.


  1. Keuntungan selanjutnya toto gelap online gampang dimainkan bahkan sekarang muncul metode mobile betting. Anda disediakan file aplikasi khusus taruhan togel sehingga dapat diunduh pakai smartphone tanpa kerepotan menyalakan komputer.

Togel Online Modern Mempunyai Pasaran Terlengkap

Satu lagi keunggulan taruhan toto gelap Vipbet88 online adalah mempunyai ragam pasaran menarik. Memilih permainan togel tidak hanya berdasarkan jenisnya saja seperti shio, kembang kempis, silang homo, colok naga, colok bebas, dsb. Akan tetapi bettor harus menentukan salah satu sistem pasaran yang mengatur proses pengacakan angka sekaligus jadwal taruhan.

Pasaran togel bergantung tiap negara asal, misalnya pasaran togel online Singapore memang berpusat disana sehingga bettor wajib mengikuti panduan berlaku. Singapore togel mempunyai jadwal taruhan beberapa kali dalam seminggu dengan batasan jam untuk mengetahui keluaran angkanya. Jadi Anda tidak bisa memasang modal judi jika melewati batas maksimal jam tersebut.

Masih banyak pilihan pasaran lain dilengkapi kelebihan masing-masing seperti togel Canadian Pools, Hongkong, Sydney, Tiongkok bahkan Malaysian Pools. Pastikan bandar judi Anda menawarkan kelengkapan tersebut supaya permainan toto gelap bisa disesuaikan keinginan terutama waktu pelaksanaannya. Apalagi tiap pasaran mempunyai jadwal bermain berbeda-beda dalam seminggu.

Tertarik mengikuti judi toto gelap? Silakan Anda bergabung bersama bandar terpercaya dan temukan fasilitas terlengkap seperti pasaran togel. Variasi pasaran dapat meningkatkan keuntungan sekaligus mengasah kemampuan berjudi Anda. Semakin banyak pasaran diberikan maka peluang Anda lebih besar karena bisa mencoba aneka permainan Vipbet88 disana.


Services, More Exciting Deals, More Auto Parts for the Industry’s Top Models

Good news to auto users, car enthusiasts, hobbyists, auto mechanics, and DIY customers! The most experienced team in the auto parts business, Auto Parts Wholesale is here to give you the best deals ever. You are guaranteed up to 110% lowest price. Apart from this, more auto parts, better online store and improved services are also waiting for you online!

Starting from small beginnings more than twenty years ago, Auto Parts Wholesale has now grown into a huge player in the car parts and auto body parts business. This Auto Parts Discount store is the country’s leading wholesale car parts supplier, best known for its superior quality auto parts and very low prices. Now as it is about to face a new and more challenging year in the auto industry, it refurbishes its site to give you more satisfaction than ever.

used auto parts

Over 1 million auto parts are in stock for any of your car part replacement and aftermarket auto parts needs. Now you can expect more choices from performance parts like wheels, shock absorbers and alternator to auto accessories like carpet, hubcaps, wheel covers, mirrors and tail lights. Thousands of premium class Pontiac parts, Saturn parts, Toyota parts, BMW parts, Dodge parts, Mercedes Benz parts and Volvo parts for the latest models are now available and you can easily locate and purchase them online.

Replacement, aftermarket auto parts and car accessories for older models can now be purchased online as well. This Auto Parts Discount store offers Toyota bumper, Toyota catalytic converter, Toyota tail lights and Toyota radiator for 1980 Toyota Corolla model. Even OEM-quality Ford door handles, Ford engine parts, Ford wheels and Ford floor mats for a 1975 Ford Mustang are readily available for your immediate need. Bringing to you the best from both worlds, Auto Parts Wholesale conveniently houses top caliber perfect fit auto parts for old and new models and for domestic and import cars alike.


General Rules For Online Sports Betting

If online betting had not been tempting, millions of people would not have been running after sports betting sites. In the beginning, these sites and the returns they promise appear highly alluring. People think of it as a quick way of earning money and thus invest in such sites haphazardly. But, gradually they get to know that making money with betting is not that easy and it would not be surprising if all the invested money is lost. Wondering what to do next?

Want to know how to avoid losing money at sports betting sites? Well, think before investing and learn the rules of the industry. It is true that slight variations are there in rules and regulations of different sites but the set of general guidelines remain same throughout the industry. To ensure that our valuable readers do not lose money right from the day one in sports betting, here below are general guidelines one can count upon. UFABET

Game of Rules

The first guideline one should keep in mind in the game of online sports betting is rules play a crucial role and one cannot compromise with them at any point of time. Every popular betting website has a strong backbone of rules and you must make a habit of playing at such sites only. Doubtlessly, there are many such reputed sites over the Internet but it may take some time for newbies to locate one. For people residing in Asia, Kick360 is one amongst the most sought after betting sites and you can play here with a breeze.

Change in Date, Time or Venue

It is very common when sports matches are cancelled or postponed due to reasons like player injury, climatic conditions or any other unavoidable circumstances. In any such situation, all bets are declared void and money is credited to the account of bettors. For more details on void bets, players should read the guidelines listed on the betting website itself. By doing so, they get a clear understanding of the working of the website and can avoid monetary losses greatly.

Never Open Multiple Accounts

In lieu of making more money, players are generally enticed to open multiple accounts and place bets using each of them. Players and especially the new ones fall prey to this trick and end up opening many accounts. But, it is really important to understand that opening multiple accounts increase the odds of losing money and thus it should be avoided completely. Just open a single account and keep placing bets through it only. Another thing that one can do initially to avoid losing money while placing bets on sports matches is playing football betting games. In this type of game, players can open an account and continue playing without investing real money. An advantage of doing so is you can learn the game rules and that too without putting money at stake. Kick360 is one of those very few websites that allow players to enjoy sports betting free of cost and bestow winners with real prizes. In all, it is a win-win situation and you should not miss it at all.


Internet Casino Bonuses – Three Common Types

Interrnet casino bonuses are funds that an online casino deposits into your account as opposed to funds that you deposit. For years land-based casinos have offered free drinks, free meals, and other “comps” to encourage gamblers to come and play at their casinos. The Internet casinos searched for comps applicable to the Internet and came up with the best comp of all – free money. Since thousands of online casinos fight for your business, there is fierce competition, and while most casinos require you to make a deposit before you receive any bonus, some now offer bonuses with no deposit requirement.


Common bonuses fall into one of three categories. The traditional bonus (1) is fully cashable after a certain amount of play. The terms may be: “Deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus.” Sounds simple, but the devil may be hiding in the details. With any bonus it’s extremely important to read all the terms and conditions attached to the bonus offer. You may find the bonus is really a “sticky” bonus (2), a bonus that stays with the casino. It’s non-cashable and may be used “for wagering purposes only,” and should you withdraw all your winnings and your deposit from your account, the sticky bonus vanishes. A semi-sticky bonus (3) allows you to draw all your deposit and winnings out of your account, but the bonus stays in your account until you lose it. The casino wants you to continue playing and uses this as an inducement.

Hustlers originally used the traditional bonus to make money from the Internet casinos by signing up with casinos that offer huge bonuses, playing a game with a low house edge, and then closing out the entire account. This worked as long as the house edge didn’t eat up more than the bonus. For example, the house edge in blackjack is roughly 0.5%. If the casino requires $5000 in wagering to earn the bonus, a house edge of 0.5% will result in a loss of $25. If the casino offered a $100 signup bonus, the player earned a profit of $75 after subtracting the expected loss of $25.


Poker Pulsa Di Situs IDN Poker Uang Asli Terbaik Tahun 2020

Poker game Pokerbo pulsa sebagai hadiah untuk memberikan angin segar bagi semua pecinta perjudian secara online. Bayangkan, kota pertama di kasino tergantung di daratan tetapi sekarang dapat mengakses semua game yang menarik hanya dengan internet. Tanpa dibatasi oleh waktu dan tempat taruhan juga berhak untuk 24 jam bermain taruhan.


Poker menggunakan rencana selular Anda memiliki keunggulan tersendiri, terutama bermain kotak android. Dengan bentuk modern dari aplikasi petaruh judi ini ada yang khawatir tentang membeli deposit rekening bank pakai. Pengoperasian mudah, cepat dan online yang relatif aman gratis. Sedangkan rekening bank dianggap berisiko karena jago memberikan informasi langsung ke nomor registrasi.


Setelah transaksi setoran kewajiban pulsa dilakukan, tugas petaruh lain adalah untuk melanjutkan pertandingan pertama. taruhan awal adalah bahwa sulit untuk pemula jago bertaruh poker karena dia tidak memiliki pengalaman. Jika Anda telah diminta beberapa kali dan kemudian digunakan untuk tantangan alamat bahkan memiliki kesempatan kemenangan.


Online poker Perjudian transaksi tol di Android


Penjelasannya dimulai dari permainan ѕіtuѕ роkеr idn uang asli terbaik transaksi pulsa sehingga Anda memiliki pemahaman tentang bagaimana berdeposito. Pulsa digunakan sebagai solusi terbaik yang digunakan di seluruh jago bertaruh. Mereka tidak punya alasan untuk bertaruh pembelian online memiliki masalah modal pulsa mudah untuk mengajukan permohonan perjudian transaksi. Bahkan pilihan deposit harga yang sangat terjangkau! Simak ulasannya di bawah ini:


Langkah perdagangan aplikasi open game poker menggunakan akun mereka. Jika tidak diterima sebagai keanggotaan, silahkan ke menu registrasi dan kemudian mengisi semua data pribadi. Jangan melewatkan informasi yang berguna untuk bantuan untuk perjudian,

misalnya, menemukan informasi, memandu permainan, menggambar, dll

Jika Anda menggunakan cara kredit Anda tidak perlu menggunakan nomor rekening. Cara cepat untuk mentransfer telepon Anda ke nomor port yang sesuai yang Anda tentukan. Beberapa jenis nomor berdasarkan pada vendor tertentu telah diberikan sebagai transaksi alternatif. Silakan memakai sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda seperti menggunakan XL, Telkomsel, Three, Indosat, dll

transfer pesan tulis atau penggunaan nomor panggil untuk semua pemasok untuk menyediakan format sendiri. Lebih cepat jika jaringan telepon stabil, sehingga deposito pengiriman pulsa tidak gagal. Jika dua kemungkinan terburuk adalah kehilangan sebagian transaksi uang atau proses harus diulang tidak-menunjukkan.


Cara Bermain Poker Game untuk Android


Terus pulsa seperti permainan poker biasa, seperti akses ke taruhan melalui website. Layar sedikit berbeda, karena manajer memberikan fitur menarik dan sederhana. Aplikasi poker Android ukuran memori kecil cenderung untuk membuka situs secara langsung. Bandar memiliki tujuan agar file dapat didownload menggunakan aplikasi smartphone tanpa merusak perangkat.


Poker memainkan setelah mengisi transaksi deposito yang di klik dari meja judi. Pastikan ada kursi kosong untuk pemain baru, mengikuti arah distributor. Merchant adalah pemimpin yang tidak semua kebutuhan jago taruhan cara sebagai distribusi kartu jatah. Berharap kartu ransum Anda, dengan sedikitnya jumlah pemain di meja sekitar 8-12 orang.


Poker dimainkan sebagai aturan mencari kombinasi urutan tertinggi. Menyusun dan menemukan kombinasi terbaik yang akan diterbitkan untuk pertama kalinya. Jika lawan tidak dapat cocok dengan urutan kartu maka Anda menang. Poker juga memberlakukan aturan menggertak atau istirahat. Jadi Anda siap untuk menangani masalah tak terduga dan menyiapkan solusi menang.


diskusi lengkap tentang cara untuk mengobati jenis deposit dan bermain poker konten utama. Semua taruhan online hampir aturan yang sama. Setiap permainan hanya dibedakan oleh panduan dasar, cara mengatur kartu dan menghitung poin untuk menang. Selain itu, penggunaan pulsa permainan ѕіtuѕ роkеr idn uang asli terbaik.


Poker Hacks: Winning in your sleep

In poker, players can often spend double digits of hours each day they’re training in a bid to improve their poker strategy. Sometimes, however, it’s the extra things you can do to improve your life that end up having a positive effect on your poker game.

Last time, we detailed how you can perfect your travel game, and we’ve already told you five diet changes every poker player can benefit from. This time, we’re looking at the first building block for almost every good day at the felt – a good night’s sleep.

Poker, by its very design, is such a stirring game that sleep can often seem counter-intuitive to winning. Casinos pump oxygen in to keep players of all their games awake. Online tournaments often last until the early hours of the morning. Poker is exciting, demanding and uses mental energy, often exhausting amounts. It can, however, keep you up.

Read More: agen idn poker online

Falling asleep may seem impossible at the end of an exciting tournament day during a major event, for example, but it can be achieved. Here are five ways to help yourself get the rest you need to be at your best. We’re going to skip right past the ones we tipped you in the diet-based advice, purely because if you’ve read up to this point chronologically, you’ve already kicked caffeine, alcohol and excessive sugar intake… haven’t you?

1. Get the room right

Your first thought when entering a hotel room on a poker trip should be: ‘Is my room at the right temperature?’. Reduced to the purest elements, life is often just one long search to be at the correct temperature, and this is never truer than when we attempt sleep.

Failing to adjust your hotel or Air B’n’B heating system when you arrive could leave you overheating at night when you try to sleep, and the same applies to air conditioning. There is such a thing as being too chilled out.

Make sure that you have a good curtain coverage, and try to keep your sleep environment as dark as possible – light can wake anyone up and different timezones can provide havoc for light sleepers.

2. Sleep comfortable

What you wear when you got to sleep is different for each person, and we all have different preferences. To some, sleeping in flannelette nightgowns is de rigueur. To others, sleeping in the buff is the only way to be.

Whether you like to be tucked up against the elements or completely open to them, knowing what makes you comfortable in your own bed is important.

3. Prepare your bed

Preparing for bed isn’t just about wearing the right nightwear and climbing into fresh sheets. There are other things you can do to make your bed the best place to be in your room, and that’s not beholden on any company you might keep.

Make sure you have enough fluid to go to bed with, just don’t overdo it, you don’t want to be getting up in the night and disturbing your sleep.

One trick that can improve your sleep if you struggle is a pillow spray. The good ones really work and can aid your night’s sleep if you’ve never tried it before.

4. Establish a routine

You want to be turning off technology a good half hour before you close your eyes, otherwise the ‘blue light’ can keep you awake even if you don’t want it to. Some light, undemanding reading before sleep is a good way to prepare your body for a temporary shutdown.

Once you’ve cut out the bad habits that could threaten your sleep, get into a routine of doing the same thing every night. Spray, read and relax. And repeat.

5. Take a bath and enjoy exercise

Two great ways that are medically proven to aid sleep are exercise and bathing. If you’re doing strenuous exercise, then you want to leave at least three hours between your workout finishing and you hitting the hay.

When it comes to washing, baths are +EV compared to showering. The heating then cooling of the body’s temperature shortly before you go to bed prepares your body for sleep and can help you have a better quality and more consistent night’s sleep.



Prop Bets – Are They a Worthy Proposition Or a Money Drain?

Prop bets can be exploited in the favor of a sharp bettor just as any bet can, but don’t spend a lot of time doing so. They exist solely to add to the bottom line of the book, not to give you another opportunity to profit. While they make books tons of money, especially during the Superbowl, they can be fun (if not a little silly).

A prop bet looks something like this:

Will Terrell Owens Score The First Touchdown?
No (-160)
Yes (+130)

Many professionals have definite sports betting systems in place for certain prop bets, but the majority of the proposition bets offered for a game should be passed up. There isn’t a betting system in existence for guessing which side of the coin the toss lands on. Passing up these bets will keep you in the sports betting game a lot longer.

These proposition bets are very popular in football betting:

Will Either Team Score In The First 8 Minutes?

What’s the motivation of either offense after two consecutive weak performances? If you have an instance where two teams are playing each other who have both had next to no offense in the previous two games, consider this prop. One of those teams is pretty likely to score in the first 8 minutes of the game. This is an especially good bet where the two teams playing each other have decent offenses but have underperformed for two consecutive weeks.


Will The First Score Of The Game Result In A Field Goal Or A Touchdown?

This is a prop bet that might seem like a good bet but it takes more than the usual research to decide if this prop bet is worth your time or not. With a proposition bet like this, look for inclement weather conditions. Contrary to what you might think, more touchdowns are scored in heavy rains than field goals are kicked. The better option in a game like this would be to take the touchdown.

Total Points For individual Team

This prop bet is one of the sharp bettors favorites. The research for this bet isn’t as out of the ordinary as some of the other analysis you would have to dig up for other props. Factors like opposing defense, playoff motivation, overall health of the team, and others all play into your decision to play this one or pass.

There are other more exotic proposition bets, but they should be considered for entertainment purposes only.